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Spending quality time with your children forms the basis for your future relationship. Unfortunately, in cases where the parents are unmarried or going through a complex or high asset divorce, issues pertaining to children can become a battlefield. At Nicholas Family Law, our Denver child visitation attorney can work with you to help create a plan that works for both you and your child. Our legal skill and years of experience in Colorado family court matters helps us to ensure your rights as a parent are protected and that you get the best possible results in your case.

Professional Legal Representation For Child Visitation Issues

Issues pertaining to visitation of children can easily arise, particularly if there are high assets or other complex issues involved. In Colorado child custody proceedings, the courts prefer to rely on parenting plans, which allow each parent to play an active and engaged role in their child’s life. When deciding how much time or visitation each parent has with the child, factors the court is likely to consider include:

At Nicholas Family Law, our Denver child visitation attorney works diligently to protect your interests as a parent. We are more than willing and prepared to gather needed evidence in support of your case, to aggressively negotiate with the other party and their attorney, to file court documents and request emergency hearings on your behalf, and to fight for your rights in court before the judge in your case.

Developing a Visitation Schedule That Works for You

Under guidelines in the Colorado Court Parenting Time Book , non-custodial parents have rights concerning visitation time on weekends and/or weekdays, over holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, along with extended visits stretching for weeks over school breaks. Additional issues to address as part of any visitation agreement or order include:

Let Our Denver Child Visitation Attorney Assist You

When you are involved in contentious or otherwise complex situations involving your former partner, making arrangements regarding visitation of children can be a major source of concern. Protect your relationship with your child and your rights as a parent by reaching out to contact our Denver child visitation attorney today. We can arrange a confidential, one on one consultation to discuss your case and how we can assist you.