Denver Divorce Modifications

When decisions made during your divorce put you at a disadvantage, post divorce modifications may be an option.

Decisions made during your divorce proceedings have the potential to impact your relationships with others, your financial security, and your overall well-being, now and in the years to come. In cases in which a decision is not in your best interests, our Denver divorce modification attorneys may be able to help you make changes. At Nicholas Family Law, we provide the aggressive legal representation you need in these situations, making clear arguments to the court about why an order needs to be modified.

Protecting Your Rights in Divorce

Under the Colorado Domestic Relations Statutes, there are important issues which must be resolved before your divorce can be finalized. These concern matters regarding money, the rights to property, and the care of children. In some cases, couples come to their own agreements on these issues. In others the judge in the matter will make a ruling based on the evidence in your case. In either situation, a divorce order will eventually be issued. As a legally binding document, the penalties for not obeying the order can be severe.

At Nicholas Law, we know that there are cases in which new information and facts come to light, or times when a change in circumstances makes fulfilling the requirements of a divorce order impossible. In these situations, our Denver divorce modification attorneys can request the changes needed by filing the appropriate documents and forms through the Colorado Court, presenting the evidence needed to support your claims. Areas in which we may be able to assist you include:

Let Our Denver Divorce Modification Attorneys Assist You

When divorce related orders or disagreements put you at a disadvantage, Nicholas Law provides the professional legal representation you need to make a change. Call or contact our Denver divorce modification attorneys online today and request a consultation to discuss your case.