Denver Estate Planning

Estate planning plays an important role in protecting your assets and ensuring your family members are provided for.

Discussing end of life issues is something that most of us would rather avoid. While it is easy to put off estate planning tasks, doing so could jeopardize your life savings and the assets you intend to pass on to your beneficiaries. Particularly in cases of marital breakups and family disputes, it is important to have the proper documents in place. At Nicholas Family Law, our Denver estate planning attorneys can help you take the actions needed to protect yourself and those you love.

Planning for the Unexpected

You can never predict when the unexpected will occur. Under the Colorado Revised Statutes (Section 15-18.7-102), advance directives can provide guidance for your family in managing your affairs, while conveying your wishes regarding medical treatment if you are incapacitated or otherwise unable to communicate. At Nicholas Family Law, we can assist you in taking the first steps in building a solid and secure estate plan, by helping you to create the following documents:

Having these documents in place can help to eliminate the need for your loved ones to make difficult decisions on your behalf or to guess as to what you would have wanted in these situations.

Protecting Your Assets

Once you have the proper advance directives in place, our Denver estate planning attorneys can help you look at other important documents and actions that you need to take to protect your assets and the rights of your family members. This includes the following:

In the event of a divorce or other important life changes, Nicholas Law can help to ensure these documents are properly updated to reflect the changes in your circumstances.

Reach Out to Our Denver Estate Planning Attorneys

To discuss the types of documents you need to protect your assets and the people you love or the changes you need to make in the event of a divorce, reach out and contact our Denver estate planning attorneys to request a consultation today.