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Alimony is called Maintenance in Colorado. On a temporary basis it can be calculated by a formula, but on a permanent basis it is calculated using several factors in law. It is used to allow one spouse to get enough education or training to be able to reenter the work force at a living level. It can also be used to level the incomes of the parties and balance the property division. Maintenance has two parts. (1) the ability of one person to pay it while meeting his or her own needs; and (2) the needs of the receiving person considering the overall division in the Dissolution.

Maintenance can be ordered at the beginning of a case to share income during the case. This is called Temporary Maintenance. It helps the parties maintain themselves during the course of the proceeding without one side being able to hold an advantage by virtue of that party’s income.

Permanent maintenance is awarded at the final hearing and is used to maintain a person while they obtain additional education or training to allow the person to reenter the job market or to move in the job market so that person can become self-supporting. There are circumstances where permanent maintenance is really permanent. Usually, it is not permanent, but it is awarded for a certain amount of time and for a certain amount of money over that time.

Colorado Family Law Attorney

If you are considering paying maintenance or receiving maintenance, you need an experienced Denver Alimony Attorney. The laws in Colorado are complicated and always evolving. Within the law many Judges have differing interpretations of when a person qualifies for maintenance and if they are qualified, Judges differ on how much is needed and over what period of time. Of course, every fact pattern has its own unique set of standards to be considered.

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