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Child Support in Colorado is an amount calculated by a worksheet that considers the amount of time each parent has with the children; the incomes of both parents, and the amounts each parent must pay for the children for needs such as health insurance and daycare.

Since child support is based upon a guideline adopted by our legislature and incorporated into a software program that uses specific information to calculate the amounts, there is little that can be done to argue against the actual number. Our law allows a variance of 10% either way.

However, the number is based upon the entries made into the program and these are within our control. These are things like the amount of time the children spend with you; the amount paid for health insurance or day care; extraordinary expenses for the children involving education or medical care; and other people you may be responsible for. Child support is calculated once all the other factors involving the children have been decided, and our Denver lawyer will help you with this.

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