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One of the focal points of any divorce proceeding is how the marital assets will be divided. Marital assets, or marital property, will generally include the assets and debts spouses have acquired during marriage. Property separate from the marital property can include assets gained prior to marriage or gifts and inheritances acquired before or during the marriage. Determining what property will be considered marital and what will be considered separate can be a complicated process. Once it is completed, the court will proceed in dividing the marital property between the two parties.

At Nicholas Family Law, we work to help ensure marital asset division in your Colorado divorce proceeding is in your best interests. With extensive experience handling complex divorces, Nicholas Family Law knows what it takes to protect you at every stage in your divorce.

How Will a Colorado Court Divide Marital Property in a Divorce?

As an “equitable distribution” state, Colorado law mandates that marital assets be divided in a way that is fair, or “equitable.” This does not mean that the assets will be equally divided. The court will weigh a number of factors to determine what property division will be fair to both parties. These factors include:

What Types of Assets Will Be Subject to Division?

After the court determines what property is marital and should, therefore, be subject to division, a monetary value will be assigned to each asset. Experts may need to be hired in order to ascertain a proper value. The types of assets to be divided in a divorce include:

Other property subject to division during divorce includes:

A divorce will have serious and lasting financial consequences for you and your family. You can trust Nicholas Family Law to protect your financial interests in all divorce proceedings.

All of your assets have the potential to be considered part of the marital estate. At Nicholas Family Law, we will work to protect your financial interests and work towards a favorable division of all marital property. Contact us online or call us at (303) 322-0038.