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A divorce is generally deemed to be “complex” when there is high net worth of the marital estate. Additionally, a complex divorce can involve challenges relating to division of business interests, extensive property holdings, and child custody. No matter what might make your divorce “complex,” Nicholas Family Law is dedicated to helping ensure your best interests are protected throughout the process. Get the benefit of experienced and knowledgeable legal representation by contacting Nicholas Family Law today.

Difficulties in Property Division

One of the most commonly contested issues in a divorce is division of the marital assets. When the marital estate has a potentially high net worth, things can get very complicated very quickly. The first issue that needs to be addressed is what to actually consider part of the marital estate.

Generally speaking, the marital estate includes assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage. There are several exceptions to this such as gifts, inheritances, and the pain and suffering proceeds from a personal injury judgment. While property acquired before the marriage will usually be considered separate property, any increase in property value during the marriage will be considered marital property. It can be difficult to properly trace the original value of the property and separate it from the value it has gained over the course of the marriage. Experts in property valuation can be brought in for this purpose.

Once it has been determined what assets are included in the marital estate, a valuation of all assets must be ascertained. For things like real estate and commercial property, the fair market value minus any outstanding liabilities on the property will be used to establish the worth of the property. Personal property including jewelry and unique art pieces such as sculptures and paintings can be appraised by experts in the appraisal field.

Valuation of business interests can be exceptionally difficult, especially when spouses have a jointly held business. Untangling who has contributed time, energy, and financial backing to a business often necessitates hiring financial and business experts.

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Complex divorces often involve high stake financial decisions. The financial impacts can last for years following a divorce. Nicholas Family Law is here to provide you with the benefit of extensive experience and a thorough understanding of how complex divorce cases can affect you for the short and long term. Contact us online or call us at (303) 322-0038.