Is Property Division in Divorce a 50-50 Split in Colorado?

In Colorado, marital property is divided on an equitable, rather than an even basis.

In high asset, complex divorce proceedings, division of marital property and assets is often one of the most hotly contested issues. In addition to uncovering the various real estate and financial accounts the couple has accumulated during their marriage, there is the issue of how to divide the property in a manner that is reasonable and fair to both. As opposed to community property states in which all assets are divided 50/50, the Colorado courts look at a variety of factors in determining a split that is equitable each party under the circumstances in the case.

Marital Property in Colorado

Section 14-10-113 of the Colorado Revised Statutes dictate the procedures for dividing property during divorce proceedings. This applies only to marital property, which includes anything acquired during the marriage, as opposed to premarital property each party possessed previously as a single person. Marital property includes any of the following:

For couples in high assets cases, Forbes advises that it is also important to include trademarks, copyrights, product branding, websites, and other types of intellectual property. Being thorough in making this list of any items owned, earned, accumulated, or otherwise acquired during the marriage is key to getting your fair share in property division.

Factors in Equitable Property Division

There are numerous factors Colorado judges are likely to consider in determining a marital property division settlement that is fair and equitable to both of the spouses involved. These include:

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